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18.Dec.2011 Happy Holidays

We had our photoshoot for our anual holiday card and, really, all I can say is that I am really disappointed with my photographer/girl this year. The lighting and locations were all wrong, my costuming was terrible, and really my girl is lucky that I didn’t walk out on the whole thing. Nonetheless, Salem and [...]

25.Nov.2011 My Birthday and Other National Holidays

It has been so long since my last post… I’m really not even sure how anyone was able to stand it! If there is anyone to blame for this terrible injustice placed upon the world, it is my girl. Because despite my many polite pleas for an Apple iPad, she has yet to bring me [...]

11.Sep.2011 BEWARE

After making several somewhat tasteless hats for myself and others, my girl has finally come up with a design that is well suited to my courtly countenance. I took this opportunity to remind my girl that I need more rope halter sets with which to coordinate my outfits, but she just reminded me of my [...]

14.Aug.2011 Disobeying “KEEP OFF GRASS” Signs Since 1983

I imagine that you have been wondering what I have been doing to occupy my time this Summer. Somehow between my cooking, egg raising, stall decorating and making sure my girl stays busy, I have been making time to visit the local park. Salem and I volunteering our services of grounds maintenance. For some completely [...]

14.Jun.2011 Learning The Ways of The Quarter Horse

My apologies for the lapse in updates from me. I realize that the time without fresh pictures of my beauty and reaffirmations of my wit have been difficult; however, I have been busy settling into my new home. I have been on a strict training program with my uncle Salem, who is teaching me the [...]

30.May.2011 New Neighborhood

We had a pretty eventful weekend. Between the dentist and moving, I think my girl and I are ready for… Next weekend! One without stress. For now, it’s time for us to rest.   While it is hard to leave all of my friends at my old ranch, I now am closer to my Grandma [...]

03.May.2011 Winners Announced!

I apologize for the delay in the announcement of the winner. My girl has been busy and we were a little concerned when I picked the name of the winner. Picking a family member was purely coincidental. Actually, I wanted to pick one of the carrots but my girl was insistent that I choose a [...]