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18.Dec.2011 Happy Holidays

We had our photoshoot for our anual holiday card and, really, all I can say is that I am really disappointed with my photographer/girl this year. The lighting and locations were all wrong, my costuming was terrible, and really my girl is lucky that I didn’t walk out on the whole thing. Nonetheless, Salem and [...]

25.Nov.2011 My Birthday and Other National Holidays

It has been so long since my last post… I’m really not even sure how anyone was able to stand it! If there is anyone to blame for this terrible injustice placed upon the world, it is my girl. Because despite my many polite pleas for an Apple iPad, she has yet to bring me [...]

03.Jul.2011 Proudly Making America More Beautiful with My Presence

REMINDER! To enter for your chance to win an Eagle t-shirt, simply leave a comment on any of my entries. Be sure to use your name and e-mail address in your contact information. The names will be written on pieces of paper, mixed and chosen randomly. The results will be announced JULY 18th. Happy 4th of July! [...]