11.May.2011 But I WANT one!

My girl has been a bit busy lately while transitioning into her new job. Apparently she’s doing something called “human resources” … To be honest with you, I was pretty busy myself (grazing) when she was telling me about it. From what I can guess, she’ll be helping busy horses with their staff of humans? I don’t know what else it could be. I still question her decision to devote much of her day to humans or their resources.

Nonetheless, my grandma has been visiting me more to pick up my girl’s slack. This provides a perfect opportunity to work my charm and convince her to get me something I have been wanting for a while…

My very OWN mini pony! My grandma was taking care of me the day that I met Pegasus, my friend Anya’s new mini pony. Grandma also takes me to visit a local mini pony. She clearly knows how much I want one, so maybe if I’m really good she will get me my own.

I’d ask my girl, but I know she’ll say that I can’t take care of a mini pony myself (well I know that… That’s why I have you around, silly!). Plus, she has a way of not quite getting gifts right. Don’t get me wrong — she tries very hard. She just doesn’t seem to get it sometimes. I’ll give you an example:


I asked her for a new truck, and she brought me this. Bless her heart — I am too polite to tell her that I don’t fit in this truck.







There are 5 Comments to "But I WANT one!"

  • Max says:

    I have a feeling that my girl is going to get one, but I don’t think I’d want one. I’ll give you mine if she does get one.

  • Salem says:

    Why get a mini-pony when you are going to have me as your new best friend? I am a lot cuter and I only pretend to bite you. I can’t say the same for mini-ponies.

    In this horse’s opinion they’re biters. I bet if you would have left your nose there for one second more she would have bitten you. There are a lot of things I need to teach you grasshopper.

    • Eagle says:

      I have much to teach you as well… For example, I have noticed that your feed bowl is much too small. With my program, we could get you on a 25 pound daily mash at least.

      • Salem says:

        Eagle, I think I may have underestimated you. 25 Pound mashes? We must compare notes.

  • Valentino says:

    Oh, the cuteness…. the cuteness. We want one too!!

    Hey Eagle – our prize came today. Using the term “our” loosely. “She” loves it. I say, what good are carrots that you don’t put into your mouth immediately? I mean really…