26.May.2011 I Won’t Stand for This

My girl tells me that I need some dental work. How ridiculous! My teeth are gorgeous. Just because I’m missing a couple of them, and I drool a little, she’s making a big deal out of it. She says regardless of how great my teeth actually are, I still need to see the dentist occasionally. I asked her when the last time she saw the dentist was, and she changed the subject! Maybe I’ll ask the vet to take a look at her teeth while he’s here tomorrow.

I did want to share my latest trick…

Standing! That is to say, standing without the aid of ropes. This is a fact that should be well understood about an old race horse, but I really do hate standing still. Personally, I like to be where the action is — that usually requires following the action, rather than waiting around. But I’m trying to humor my girl a little bit, not following her until she asks me to. Once she gets used to me doing this, it will be even funnier when I start following her again! I know she always can use a good laugh.







There are 2 Comments to "I Won’t Stand for This"

  • Corinna says:

    When I saw the photo I thought sticking your tongue out was the latest trick :) by the way, that is a beautiful leather halter you have on!

    • Eagle says:

      Nah, that’s just my picture face!

      Why thank you. My girl has a matching bracelet, but she can’t figure out how to put the nameplate on it.