14.Jun.2011 Learning The Ways of The Quarter Horse

My apologies for the lapse in updates from me. I realize that the time without fresh pictures of my beauty and reaffirmations of my wit have been difficult; however, I have been busy settling into my new home. I have been on a strict training program with my uncle Salem, who is teaching me the ways of The Quarter™. In return I am teaching him a bit about being Thoroughly Pampered™. I am learning quite a lot from Salem, and I really proved myself to him recently when I stole food right out of the feeder of a mare that was bothering him.

My rugged five o’clock shadow

My girl says that I live in a significantly better zipcode than she does. I agree that it’s a nice area, but I just have one question… If I live in such a nice neighborhood, why can’t we have HBO? I am growing bored of regular cable.

Because I forced you to wait so long to see my gorgeous face again, I am going to give you another opportunity to win something. This time you will be playing for a chance to win the next best thing to me… A t-shirt displaying my likeness!

Of course the winner will have their choice of shirt colors and sizes (including men’s sizes). Unfortunately, horse sizes will not be available (discrimination, I say!).

TO ENTER for your chance to win an Eagle t-shirt, simply leave a comment on any of my entries. Be sure to use your name and e-mail address in your contact information. The names will be written on pieces of paper, mixed and chosen randomly. The results will be announced JULY 18th.

So good luck to all on the contest! In the meantime I will keep you posted on my training program with my Uncle Salem. Slowly but surely his daily feed rations are growing, thanks to my guidance.






There are 8 Comments to "Learning The Ways of The Quarter Horse"

  • Alyssa says:

    That shirt is incredible!

    Thanks for the update, your majesty :)

  • Finn says:

    So dude I moved into your old pad and like I keep getting mail and calls for you. Can you tell the post office you moved? This hot chick named Fancy keeps asking me how to get in touch with you, and since I don’t know what to tell her I bit her butt. Hahaha

    Congrats on the new digs and the zip code upgrade. My staff has been talking about relocated me and my friends. Hope we get an upgrade too!

    Finn from 2 doors down.

  • Max says:

    Hey, my girl says she wants one. What is it again?

  • Max says:

    Why doesn’t my picture show up? I want everyone to see me too!

    • Eagle says:

      Mine didn’t show up either until I decided that that annoyed me. Miss Alyssa’s picture and my picture show up because we signed up on http://en.gravatar.com/ . It’s kind of annoying that the picture doesn’t automatically pull from Facebook, but I don’t understand how technology works and I’m going to guess that mules are to blame for this inconvenience.

  • Salem says:

    I was very proud of you for helping a Quarter out and stealing that mares feed. I would have teared up but I couldn’t stop whinnying.

  • Bianca says:

    Sooo nice! Luv the shirt! And the horse is too cute for words… So bad that I didn’t knew about the website that time…. Would there be other contests, too?