03.Jul.2011 Proudly Making America More Beautiful with My Presence

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Happy 4th of July! Did you know that horses built America? Actually, I built America. That is why the national horse is the Eagle. People have gotten confused over the years, and now people think that the national bird is the Eagle. I understand the confusion, so I have been more than polite about the mistake. Still, I think you should know our country’s true history.

Eagle The Beautiful

In case you’ve yet to notice, it is July and we are now entering the period of year that I refer to as “delightful” and that my girl refers to as “completely excruciating.” It’s summer! It’s hot! As usual, I’m beautiful! This all amounts to it being a great time of year for me. Today I ran my girl up and down my favorite hill repeatedly in the heat of the day, just to show her how much I love summer. For some reason, she did not appreciate my enthusiasm.

Where Is The rice?

My girl got me something called “rice hulls.” I know she does these things because she thinks she is helping me, but sometimes she really is silly. I searched every inch of my stall and found no actual rice, and very little soy sauce. To be completely honest, this is hardly edible. The whole rice search exhausted me so, and I had to lie down. At least these rice hull things are comfortable.







There are 9 Comments to "Proudly Making America More Beautiful with My Presence"

  • Lorie says:

    Wow, Eagle you are very patriotic! Way to show the colors. I did not know that you are The National Horse. I guess I just don’t know my history at all.

    I never thought I would get lessons in Civics from a Thoroughbred. Next you will be explaining Algebra in such a way that I will finally understand what the hell to do with it.

  • Helene says:

    Tyler would like to know – are rice hulls more comfy than shavings? And do they blow away as easily? Also, please send some branches off the pepper trees at your new place, cuz his new place doesn’t have them, and he’s very sad about that…

    • Eagle says:

      They are pretty comfortable! They have not been blowing away. They do attract chickens though.

  • Corinna says:

    Happy Fourth of July! I’m now expecting to see you in your festive attire for each holiday!

    Just squeezing in at the last minute to make it into the contest!!



    • Eagle says:

      We need more holidays. I for one am an advocate for both National Thoroughbred Day and Carrot Harvest Celebration Day.

  • Chelsey & Fargo says:

    We MISSED you today at Vasquez Rocks!

    I, Fargo, had a total melt down today because you were not with me! I think Chelsey’s mad at me cause we didn’t do so good. ;( I thought I saw you so I bolted thru a Yucca Cactus and skewered myself and arrived at the next obstacle bleeding. Please compete with us next time!


  • Max says:

    Post a picture of us together and we will not only make America a more beautiful place, the earth would tilt on a new axis! (not sure what that means, but I heard someone say it once and it sounded like it was something AWESOME!!)

  • Bianca says:

    Hey, you look really nice in that costume. Weren’t you afraid by the fireworks? My dogs and my cat really are! :D
    THX for telling me that: I tought about the Eagle as being a bird. How much there is to learn, right? ;)