18.Jul.2011 Unsurprisingly, I Have Inspired a Fashion Line.

My apologies for announcing the winner of the contest a bit late. As you can imagine, my weekends are extremely busy. It is a full-time job making sure that my girl does all of my shopping and cleaning correctly — between that and my spa treatments, my weekends become very hectic.

For some reason, my girl would not let me pick the name of the winner of this contest. She said something about how it’s not good for me to eat little pieces of paper with people’s names written on them. Pure ridiculosity! Instead, she opted to enter the names into a completely unscientific and unproven random word-picker that she found on the internet. I maintain that only a seasoned thoroughbred nose could chose a winner truly deserving of such a quality prize as a shirt featuring my likeness. Nonetheless, the name-picker returned a winner who I approve of and therefore I will allow my girl’s impertinent behavior on this issue slide. THE WINNER IS:


Do not fear if you did not win this round. There will be more contests in the future, and you may purchase a shirt if you’re very interested.

Since we are on the subject of fashion inspired by me, I will share with you a hat that my girl made me for me:

Like the Muses of mythology, I tend to inspire artful endeavors.

My carrot hat inspires what I can only assume is jealousy in others. Few horses or people can have their interests described so succinctly in the form of a hat.








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