30.Jul.2011 Thoroughbred in The Kitchen

Since it’s summer, I thought that I would share the recipe for my world famous Cold Alfalfa Soup! It is a cool, refreshing snack — perfect for when dry alfalfa is just a bit too heavy.


Cold Alfalfa Soup Recipe

  • Plan to prepare your soup in the morning on the day that you wish to serve it for dinner. It must cook for many hours, so you may want to wake up early so that you can start as soon as your alfalfa appears in your feeder.
  • You should begin with roughly 15 gallons of water. Personally, I like to start with about 18 gallons, drink 3 and leave the rest for my soup.
  • Add about two mouthfuls of alfalfa hay. The stems are fine, but the flowers make for the most flavorful stock.
  • Thoroughly mix the alfalfa into the water so that it becomes totally submerged.
  • Let your soup sit for several hours in the warm sun. This will allow for the potent alfalfa flavors to permeate the water. Stir periodically.
  • As the evening approaches, your soup will begin to cool and it will soon be ready to serve. Taste your soup and check its consistency — the taste should be sweet and herby, and the color should be greenish yellow throughout.
  • Humans love this soup too! My girl is always¬†noticeably¬†thrilled when she comes from work to discover that I’ve spent the day making alfalfa soup.

Additionally, I have grown a strong bond with my neighbor chickens. They scratch around my stall and help keep it dry, and they also left me some eggs! I was so excited to discover them!


I want to keep all of the eggs they leave me and raise my own chickens, as I am very unfairly being denied my right to have a pet mini pony. My girl told me that it might not work though.







There are 8 Comments to "Thoroughbred in The Kitchen"

  • Tyler says:

    I approve of both your recipe & the image of you attempting to warm those eggs with your breath. I do believe you need to keep them warm in this way so that the babies will recognize your scent when they hatch. Good luck.
    PS Could you please tell my girl that in order for me to make her some alfalfa soup from your recipe, she will need to provide me with some fresh alfalfa? Thank you.

  • Max says:

    How do you get 2 mouthfuls into your water bucket? I tried the recipe, but by the time I get it to my water bucket from my feeder, the mouthful is gone! What’s the trick?

  • Max says:

    Sorry – I’m not understanding. “Try eating less of it”.

    Nope, doesn’t make any sense at all.

  • Baily says:

    mmmm i prefere grass soup sometimes alfalfa is good too

  • Bianca says:

    Sounds really nice! If I had a horse , this is what I would have fed him… Anyway, Bon appetit!

  • Star Says: says:

    Hmm… I might have to have my girl & her sister make this for me & my best friend Daisy May sometime next summer. It sounds good, I’m gonna have to talk to her about this…. or dump her a few times in the dirt to get the point across, Daisy & I deserve a special treat every now & then….

  • Cierra says:

    Personally, I and my band prefer hay soup, though sometimes when our girl waters us, Brownie Boy tries to make hose soup. Unfortunately, I can’t say much about the eggs. We have very little contact with our chickens, though cats are another issue. They seem to think our hay bales are their beds. *snort* The nerve.