11.Sep.2011 BEWARE

After making several somewhat tasteless hats for myself and others, my girl has finally come up with a design that is well suited to my courtly countenance.

I took this opportunity to remind my girl that I need more rope halter sets with which to coordinate my outfits, but she just reminded me of my nice leather halter.  It’s nice and all, but I still need a bigger wardrobe to choose from!

In other, non style-related news, I have been helping my uncle Salem learn Trail Trials obstacles. I’m sure it’s difficult to learn in the shadow of a seasoned pro like myself, but he’s trying his best. In fact, he is pretty good at some of the obstacles, such as the murderous tarp. Personally, no matter how many times I cross a tarp safely, I still find their mere existence to be unsettling. I mean… What use is a tarp anyhow? Roofs should cover things. Or trees. Not evil, flappy, colorful plastic stuff.

I happen to have in my possession photographic evidence of the existence of what us horses call the “Tarp Monster.” Please be advised that the picture you are about to see is extremely disturbing:

Hopefully seeing this doesn’t set Salem back on his progress with the obstacles, but I just wanted to spread awareness of the Tarp Monster as it can be very dangerous (it can stick to your feet AND it can fly at you and onto you. Highly disturbing). It is somewhat elusive and does not always show itself right away. You can never really know when a tarp is an ordinary tarp and when it is, in fact, the dreaded Tarp Monster. Please exercise caution when going near tarps.

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There are 7 Comments to "BEWARE"

  • Chelsey & Fargo says:

    Can’t wait to join you!

    I am bringing the dreaded bridge with troll underneath, the black plastic monster, gate with wicked witch, and that darn mini box. I wish my girl would figure out that I don’t fit into that tiny box.

    Hurry up OCTOBER!!!!

  • Tyler (via Helene) says:

    not the troll… anything but that troll…

  • Max says:

    What troll?? Is he the one throwing all the chairs?

  • Bianca says:

    Wow, really nice hat!
    The Tarp Monster seems scary… like the picture!

  • Lorie says:

    Eagle, I love your hat. You make it look so beautiful!

    I hope you didn’t show Salem the tarp monster picture or even tell him about it. That was the one obstacle he was really doing well at. If he sees that picture, he will never cross the tarp again.
    I don’t want to cross the tarp after seeing that. I had no idea there was such a monster. Are all Thoroughbred this smart or is it just you?

    • Eagle says:

      Don’t worry grandma — I told Salem about the Tarp Monster and he didn’t believe me! Poor, naive quarter horses.

  • Kristen says:

    What a dapper hat :) of course it’s the beautiful face that makes the hat shine too