25.Nov.2011 My Birthday and Other National Holidays

It has been so long since my last post… I’m really not even sure how anyone was able to stand it! If there is anyone to blame for this terrible injustice placed upon the world, it is my girl. Because despite my many polite pleas for an Apple iPad, she has yet to bring me one. I think the poor dear keeps misunderstanding me, bringing me plain apples instead. It is truly impossible for a busy horse such as myself to maintain my internet presence without the right tools. I was hoping that my girl would get me an iPad today since it is black friday, but I am pretty sure she just got me new Eskadron standing wraps. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, as I appreciate her awareness of the fact that I demand quality in my wraps; however, both Christmas and my birthday are quickly approaching and it would be in her best interest to get her shopping for me done early so that she does not become overwhelmed!

For my girl’s convenience, I have rendered a perfect family photo album image of what I would look like receiving my iPad on Christmas morning:

This would be an image that my girl could cherish forever, and it would only cost her about $500 (plus monthly fees for my 3G service).

Please let my girl know if you want more posts from me, and how much easier an iPad would make my blogging. It is mostly out of my hooves at this point, but perhaps with a little help from others she will finally understand.

The inconvenience of not having my iPad caused me to not post our Halloween pictures in a timely fashion! Salem and I dressed up and went trick-or-treating, but there were hardly any treats to be had! We will have to go out later next year, but Salem goes to bed early and made it clear that he had to be in his pajamas before sunset.

Salem and I decided to coordinate our costumes this year. His dark color and ample frame lends him to make the perfect bee, and my general winsome disposition makes me the ideal flower.

Salem told me his costuming would take some time, but then he ended up getting dressed almost immediately and leaving me little time to explain to my girl how I wanted my braids. Oh well!

A work of art… With a flower painted on it.

Salem’s quarter horse butt disguised as a bee is so shockingly intimidating (the stinger isn’t pictured here!) that it blurred the photograph!!!

My girl says she has some “exciting plans” for our annual Christmas card, which is always a little bit terrifying. The approaching holidays, including my first anual 29th birthday, will be something to look forward to though I suppose. I have been working on my birthday registry to make it easier for my birthday party guests to pick out their presents. HINT: I’ll probably be needing an iPad case!





There are 4 Comments to "My Birthday and Other National Holidays"

  • Valentino says:

    Eagle -

    Good to hear from you. Your posts are always well worth the wait, although if it would help…
    Eagles girl – please fetch him an Ipad asap!

    The trick or treating pix are adorable, although dressing you up is gilding the lily a bit, wouldn’t you say?! Keep us posted about the birthday registry. :)

  • Lorie says:

    Great idea Eagle. I really think an IPad is the perfect holiday gift for the internet active horse.

    I can’t help but notice your butt have gotten a little bigger or is it just the flower? Optical illusion I’m sure.

    Salem’s butt really does look like a bumble bee.

  • Mic says:

    I truly agree with you Eagle. An IPad would be a perfect gift for you. Incidentally I asked for one of them for Christmas too! Pass this message onto your girl: Please get Eagle an IPad! i can’t stand the large breaks between posts!

  • Richie says:

    Glad to get another fun update from you Eagle. It seems as if you do need that Ipad to get more messages out to the world. One problem is that I checked with apple and they have not yet designed one for a horse to use. I suggest that you let your girl decide what is best on that idea. You and Salem would easily be the “best costume” winners at any party-nice job-btw I like the braids. Hope you have a great birthday party!!! Where is the gift registry??

    You guys take care (and your girl, too). Hope to hear from you on the birthday bash.