18.Dec.2011 Happy Holidays

We had our photoshoot for our anual holiday card and, really, all I can say is that I am really disappointed with my photographer/girl this year. The lighting and locations were all wrong, my costuming was terrible, and really my girl is lucky that I didn’t walk out on the whole thing. Nonetheless, Salem and I do want to extend our holiday greetings to you in digital card form:

I refuse to associate myself with this image.

This is not the image I personally felt should have been used for our card. Clearly this is not a particularly flattering photo of my ample head which, in reality, I highly doubt is as large as Salem’s entire body. Here is the picture that I think we should have used on our holiday card:


My girl said that the focus isn’t right in this photo though. I think that technical photographic quality is, in this instance, outweighed by my gorgeous smile.

This pie is barely edible!

Perhaps the most disappointing thing about this photoshoot was the props. Would you believe that this pie isn’t even actually pie!? What kind of sick joke is that? I tried eating it several times, it and continued to fail to become pie.

The good news is that I swear I overheard my girl talking about iPads today on our trail ride! To be honest, I wasn’t completely listening… I had already missed the opportunity to jump the creekbed because I had gotten too distracted with my girl’s conversations, so I really couldn’t afford to risk missing anything else by listening too hard. But I am pretty sure someone said something about iPads and, honestly, I can only really imagine one possible conclusion as to why anyone would ever be talking about an iPad: it must be a present  for me!

My Christmas/Birthday Registry

Since I know that everyone is now rushing to find pleasing presents for me for my First Annual 29th Birthday Party ™, I’ve decided to make everyone’s lives significantly easier by making a registry. I try to be as accommodating as possible — it’s simply my nature.







There are 2 Comments to "Happy Holidays"

  • Lorie says:

    Wow Eagle what a smile! I think that was definitely the money shot. How disappointing the pie wasn’t real, I know how you love pumpkin.

    If you don’t get an IPad for Christmas you will certainly get it for your first annual 29th birthday. Thanks for making shopping for your birthday easier. I could have gotten you something tasteless if you hadn’t intervened.

  • Chelsey & Fargo says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful boy!