20.Apr.2011 Whinny of Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my inter-barn.

This is the blog of a thoroughbred who is called “Eagle.” I know that it is kind of confusing, but keep in mind that that is my last name. You can imagine me as an eagle if it helps you remember my name — an eagle is nearly as majestic as The Eagle (meaning me), so the association is acceptable. While I do live in Los Angeles, don’t get the wrong idea about me… I’m not a celebrity horse. I’m just an extremely good looking and charming horse, which leads people to assume that I must be a celebrity.

I’ve had a long and varied career, and now I’m an active retiree. I have my own girl who I take for rides and walks everyday, and once in a while I’ll even bring her to little competitions to keep her entertained. She says that she spends most of her time in a stall smaller than mine, where she makes sure that people have insurance or something. I don’t really understand how she busies herself, but I know that I have to take her out everyday or she gets anxious. My girl suggested that I start my own blog so that I can share my adventures and my opinions — apparently it’s what retirees are doing these days.

Here you can expect stories of my heroism, jaw-dropping photographs of me and my world, my expert reviews of products and sometimes even contests and other chances to interact with yours truly thoroughly.

I’m going to kick this off with a chance for readers to win something that both my girl and I enjoy: Mini carrots!

… Okay, wait. My girl told me what the prize was but she didn’t really explain. Let me look at it again.

So it’s actually Yes To Carrots “A Mini Serving Of Carrots Rejuvenating Goodness Set.” It’s a set of bath products made from carrots! I’d prefer the carrots, but I guess maybe they don’t ship well.

To enter for your chance to win the Yes To Carrots gift set, simply leave a comment on any of my entries. Be sure to use your name and e-mail address in your contact information. The names will be written on pieces of paper, mixed and chosen randomly. The results will be announced MAY 1ST.

So there you go! Good luck in the contest and, in the meantime, you can entertain yourself by browsing my photographs and reading all about ME.







There are 10 Comments to "Whinny of Introduction"

  • Cor says:

    Okay this is BRILLIANT. You know I already adore your writing style, so now I can enjoy MORE blog posts?!?!? YESSSSS. :) .

    *bookmarked onto my phone*

    • Eagle says:

      Well I am a pretty good writer for a horse. I am told that I am articulate, and also handsome — these things are usually said together in one sentence.

  • Meghan says:

    YESSSSSS bath carroty stuff!!!!
    er… I mean ‘YAY EAGLE!’

  • Lindsey (Inflight) says:

    I love that this is in Eagle’s POV. You should add a few “neighs” for realistic effect. :)

    • Eagle says:

      What a horsey stereotype! Like I can’t type a page without haybonics slipping in!?

      I’ll give you a pass since you’ve never met me and I’m sure Mr. Ed gave me kind of a bad reputation

  • Lorie says:

    Wow! Eagle you’re really getting into this internet thing. I can’t believe you have your very own blog. Salem will be jealous.

    I hope I win the prize, then I can smell like carrots while I’m feeding you carrots.

    • Eagle says:

      I can help Salem build his own website if he teaches me how to make that mouth noise he makes.

      I’ll get you your own carrot lotion if you don’t win. I expect your skin to exude the scent of carrots at all times.

  • Max says:

    So, like, can you just give it to me since I’m, like, right next door to you? My girl doesn’t give me carrots anymore. Not even when she bathes me. I like carrots. And bananas. And oranges. And carrots.

    • Eagle says:

      Why doesn’t she give you carrots anymore? Is it because you’re being sort of, how should I say… A butt? Because if so I can’t give you anything. Lisa is my friend and she should give the carrots to me if you’re bad.

      • Max says:

        She just brings me bananas and oranges now – something about the way I eat them she says – whatever. Like, I don’t see the difference – I’m sexy no matter what I eat or do. But she just doesn’t bring me carrots anymore. A Butt? Puhleeze! I have a sexy butt, you know, you’ve seen it. And I’m not bad, like I always keep her safe from all the goblins and gremlins by running away from them. She just brings me bananas and oranges.