28.Apr.2011 Hatastrophe!

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Finally, someone has done something right in shopping for me. Thanks to loving aunts, I now have an attractive hat with which to impress others.

Don’t worry — jealousy is a natural reaction to my majesty.

Not only does my hat distinguish me from inferior, hatless horses; I also think it will help deflect Trail Trials judges against whatever biases they may hold against english riders on excessively handsome thoroughbreds. Perhaps with this hat, and through adding a little more patriotic flare to our competition attire, my girl and I will pass as trail riders and we won’t have our time wasted with “What kind of horse is that??? He’s huge!” and “You’re an english rider, huh?” questions.

Incidentally, I see that there is an assumption that non-western riders and horses couldn’t possibly be patriotic. An internet search of “patriotic saddle pad” or “American flag saddle pad” brings up all of two pad choices for an english saddle — one that looks homemade, and one that is $120 for a plain red pad with a small flag patch on it. What exactly are tack makers implying by making patriotic gear only for western horses and riders? It seems to be a slight against non-western horses, and to thoroughbreds especially who tend not to be able to even fit into western tack. Excuse me, but I believe that America enjoyed watching me on the racetrack. Do you think a horse named “Eagle” would be above wearing some Americana?

This is America! Exercise your right to whinny your demands!

If you also have stories of blatant horsey discrimination, please share them here. Perhaps we can start a petition for equal access to tack and accessories. Shockingly, being beautiful is occasionally not enough to be represented equally!







There are 3 Comments to "Hatastrophe!"

  • Valentino says:

    Oh yeah – you are rockin’ that look! It just shouts “a horse who loves freedom, equality and the American way” :)

    Alas, TB discrimination happens everywhere. My ladies friends discouraged her every way from Sunday about getting a (fabulous) ottb like me. Then they were astounded by my calm demeanor, (relatively) good manners, and stunning looks. Too bad I kind of proved them right about my (lack of) desirability as a trail riding partner – we’re a work in progress on that front. A story for another time….

  • Lorie says:

    Wow, Eagle that hat really goes with your beautiful coloring. I can’t wait to see what your girl will have on to match at trail trials.