It doesn’t happen very often, but once in a while nature achieves perfection. There’s air, there’s water and then there is me.

My name is Eagle, and I am an active thoroughbred retiree living in Los Angeles. I am not too embarrassed to share my age, as I know that it makes my beauty and athleticism all the more apparent. I’m 28 and counting, and still have quite a way to go before my next phase of retirement. I still out pace most of the youngins, and I try to make myself as much of a handful as possible for my human friends.

I have my very own girl named Jessica. I take her for rides and walks everyday, and sometimes I even take her to little competitions. She doesn’t really know what she’s doing, so I’m forced to take care of her. I’m not sure how she’d manage if I didn’t give her a job as head of my staff. Apparently she has to spend a lot of time in a stall smaller than mine, doing something with human resources (or was it human race horses?) or something like that. I just know that I have to take her out everyday or she gets anxious. I wasn’t really that into going out on trail rides, but she really wanted me to start taking her out more. After over a year of convincing, I finally gave in to the poor girl and started taking her out to the trail regularly. Don’t tell her, but honestly I was a little bit afraid of the trails before and that’s why it took me so long to agree.

For a time, my girl and I did Trail Trials. It’s a bit challenging because we’re both new to the idea of remaining calm. Being a successful racehorse did not prepare me for opening gates without darting through them, hearing loud noises without darting away from them, etc. My girl sometimes says riding me can get a bit like riding a giraffe, and that walking with me is sometimes like flying a kite… I’m not sure what she means by all that, but I’m guessing it means that I’m really fun like a kite and really interesting like a giraffe. But she also says she’s really proud of my achievements. While we have not been participating in Trail Trials anymore, I’m now a fairly seasoned trail horse who can not only navigate trials but can also cross a major street, walk under a freeway, open a gate or jump over one to get to the trails!

Since starting Thoroughly, I have moved to a new ranch where I now live with my “Uncle” Salem. He is a quarter horse and is, in nearly all ways, my opposite; however, I have learned a great deal from Salem and I feel that he may have even learned from me! He is my favorite trail buddy, as he lets me tug on his tail and he never even kicks me. He has taught me very important lessons about how fun it is to run on trail and steal food.

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  • Corinna says:

    hello fellow californian! I am so happy to find your blog, and meet you (Eagle and Jessica both :) ).

    I’m your latest follower… so I can follow Eagle’s escapades!

    Best, Corinna

  • Bianca says:

    Really nice to meet you! You are soo cute! I wish I had a horse too. My name is Bianca and I loooove horses. I am also writing a horse story right now… It is not finished yet, I am at chapter 11. Best regards and can’t wait to see more updates! XXX

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